Reflections | Personal Post |

Some of my photographer friends and I decided to start up a monthly personal photography post that’s just “all about the photo”. We have picked a topic for each month and are planning to take a photo especially for the topic of the month.  There aren’t really any rules except (1) have fun (2) let your creativity flow (3) try something new.  If you like what we are doing here, feel free to join in!

This month’s topic is R E F L E C T I O N (S)

When I started to conceive of my photo I thought of lovely reflections in a pond or something romantic like that. Unfortunately it has been cold and raining around here and I couldn’t get anyone to play along.  Ah, the creative woman’s dilemma.  So I struggled with some corney ideas. These are clearly the photos of a frustrated photographer suffering from cabin fever. I can’t believe I’m even showing them here!


But the point is, you have to start somewhere in the creative process and sometimes it can be messy (see above!) Anyhoooo, I have to admit, I totally hate these pics and my daughter even said, Mom, you know when you try to force it, it never turns out.  I knew she was right and I had to come up with something else.

I walked around my house looking for inspiration. There’s a particular room in my house that I love for the lighting so I drug a mirror into this room and moved it around the room until I found lighting that I loved.  I experimented taking pictures of my reflection in the mirror until I got something I really liked then I wrapped myself in a sheet to get a softer look.

So with a little experimentation, I got something that I really love, my self portrait that I call ‘Reflection’.

self portrait reflection

This story was an example of how the creative process normally plays out for me.  I start with an idea and just keep working with it until I come up with something that I like. So the lesson is, don’t be afraid to experiment.  Your first attempt may not be great (reference by first set of photos above :)) but if you keep at it you will probably end up with something that you like.

Here’s a little lesson on how to take a self portrait.  If you have a remote a self portrait is pretty easy to take.  You just hop in front of the camera and shoot away until you get something you like. If you don’t have a remote, which I didn’t, its a bit more complicated, but not too hard.

Here’s how it works: set your camera on a tri-pod.  Place something, like another tripod, in front of the camera to use to focus on.  Press the shutter button down halfway to lock in focus and then switch your camera over to manual focus. This will fix the focus in the location of your tripod or whatever you used to focus on.  Next place a piece of tape of something to mark the distance from your camera. This is where you will be when taking the photo.

Now, with your camera on self-timer, press the button and hop in the location where you had the tripod. You can do it as many times as you need, but just be sure to be the same distance from the camera so you’ll be in focus.  Using a deeper depth of field will give you a better chance of having your picture in focus.

So now that you’ve seen my photo, what do you think of when you think of “Reflection”? What photo would you create?? Next month’s topic is “Dream or Dreamy”. So excited to see what everyone creates!  Go over to Jen’s blog to see what she created! Jen is a wonderful photographer from Georgia where she lives with her husband, pups and her cute as a button little girl Logan.